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Maryland football holds awesome dunk competition during morning workouts

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Thank defensive line coach Chad Wilt for posting the videos.

Spring practice is just around the corner, but Maryland football had some fun Wednesday morning, holding a dunk competition during workouts. Defensive line coach Chad Wilt posted some videos from the event on Twitter -- let's run them down.

First up, defensive lineman Kingsley Opara, who took about five steps on his way to the hoop.

Next up: defensive back Josh Woods with the reverse jam.

Defensive back A.J. Hendy followed that up with a windmill slam.

Wide receiver Marcus Leak got to the finals with a classic self-pass one-handed jam.

The finals pitted Hendy vs. Leak. Hendy was up first, but fellow defensive back Will Likely was unable to connect on the lob.

The event finished with a connection Maryland fans want to see a lot of this season -- Caleb Rowe to Marcus Leak.