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Seeding scenarios for Maryland in the 2015 Big Ten tournament

What does Maryland have to do to secure a double-bye in the Big Ten Tournament? We take a look at the various scenarios.

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ith just three games remaining in the regular season, what does Maryland have to do in order to secure a double-bye in the Big Ten tournament? Can the Terps still win the Big Ten regular season title? Let's take a look.

If the season ended today, here is almost how everything would shake out:

Courtesy of Big Ten Network

Maryland is currently in possession of the 2-seed. With Maryland's win over Wisconsin last night, they can still technically win the B1G and get the 1-seed in the Big Ten tournament. There are the ways this can happen:

Editors note: there was a slight error in the seeding scenarios in the original version of this story. It has since been corrected below.

1. Maryland must win its remaining three games while Wisconsin must lose two of their last three. This would give both teams identical 14-4 conference records and Maryland would own the tiebreaker due to winning in their only head to head game this season.

2. Maryland wins two of their last three and Wisconsin loses their last three. This would again give each team identical 13-5 records, with Maryland owning the tiebreaker.

3. Maryland wins their remaining three games and Wisconsin loses their last three games. This would give Maryland a 14-4 record and Wisconsin a 13-5 mark, giving Maryland the championship outright.

If Maryland loses one of their last three, Wisconsin must lose twice. If Maryland loses twice, Wisconsin clinches the title.

The Terps face Michigan at home and then hit the road to take on Rutgers and Nebraska. Wisconsin hosts Michigan State, then travels to Minnesota and Ohio State. So it's not impossible for Maryland to get the 1-seed. Wisconsin is likely to beat Minnesota, but Michigan State and Ohio State will both be tough games for the Badgers.

While it is technically still possible for Maryland to not get a double-bye, they would have to most likely lose their last three games for that to happen. Here's a look at the teams who can still earn a double bye, their remaining opponents, and Maryland's most likely clinching scenarios. The only team that has clinched anything up to this point is Wisconsin, who is guaranteed at least a double-bye.

As you can see, a lot can still happen for the two, three and four seeds. For Maryland, their remaining opponents are all not part of the double-bye discussion, so beating them doesn't do them any favors in helping to eliminate another team. It does mean, however, that Maryland's remaining opponents should be easier than opponents other teams are facing down the stretch.

If Maryland can win at least one more game, they're almost guaranteed to get a bye. So many teams beneath them in the standings face other teams competing for those same spots that they're going to help Maryland out by defeating each other.