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Maryland Minute - 2.18.15 - Maryland Football channels Drake in recruiting pitch

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Recruiting, Varun Ram, Seth Davis and pizza dominate today's links.

This is from 2016 4-star local QB Dwayne Haskin's twitter account yesterday, and I imagine he wasn't the only 2016 recruit to receive the image, imitating Drake's new album cover. Whoever's in charge of Maryland football recruiting social media has been putting out some gems recently, from this to the mock "30 for 30: The Movement" movie posters. Social media recruiting tends to be redundant and uncreative, but these are some smart tactics from Maryland.

Kentucky's John Calipari, Virginia's Tony Bennett among Coach of the Year candidates - College Basketball -
The favorite analyst of Maryland fans, Seth Davis, lists Mark Turgeon as fourth on his national Coach of the Year rankings.

Scott Van Pelt calls out Seth Davis for keeping No. 16 Maryland off his top 25 ballot - The Washington Post
The Washington Sports Bog and Dan Steinberg at their Boggest and Steinbergiest discuss the very silly (but funny) twitter debate over Davis' AP Ballot that left Maryland off.

Mark Turgeon Radio Show Special Guest: Varun Ram - YouTube
Ram was the guest on Mark Turgeon's weekly radio show this week and it's worth a watch. He's an incredibly impressive guy.

Ratsie’s in College Park is closing, and a slice of life is slipping away - The Washington Post
We've discussed the closing of College Park landmark Ratsie's before, but this is a good, really long piece discussing what Rastie's has meant to generations of Terps. You had a good, slightly nauseating run ol' girl.