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How much room does Maryland football have for transfers?

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Enough to bring in a few players this offseason.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The offseason is transfer season for college football, with graduate students able to play immediately if they choose to switch schools. Maryland's used this avenue before, adding defensive lineman Zeke Riser in 2013. Other (non-graduate) transfers Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil, Denzel Conyers and D'Andre Payne have helped add depth at weak positions, and the Terrapins should be in the mix for some players this offseason.

In particular, three units stand out as places Maryland could stand to add some immediate help. The Terrapins lost all three starters on the defensive line last season, and have brought in immediate help to the unit in Riser and wrestler Spencer Myers in the past. If there's one place Randy Edsall could target, the smart money is up front.

Another crucial position is quarterback, where Maryland would like to bring someone in to compete with Caleb Rowe for the starting spot. That's easier said than done, but it's a position where backups often choose to transfer to get more playing time elsewhere. The Terrapins have been tied to ex-Vanderbilt quarterback/wide receiver Josh Grady, but it's unlikely he'd be able to compete for the starting job.

The third unit that could receive a boost is the secondary. Maryland has solid contributors on top of the depth chart with Will Likely, A.J. Hendy, Sean Davis and Anthony Nixon, but things get a lot less comfortable as you move down the list. Adding Conyers and Payne helps, although the latter will likely have to sit out this season.

So how much room do the Terps have? Enough to add a few, it turns out! By our count, Maryland currently has 82 or 83 scholarship players on their roster, depending on Payne's scholarship status (we've heard there's a chance he could be walking on to the team).

Here's the full list. We're not including Payne as of now because his addition has not been formally announced.