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Maryland Minute - 2.11.15 - Trimble slips in Player of the Year race

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Come enjoy links about basketball, football, baseball, eye poking and...Florida State?

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Player of the Year Power Rankings: It’s time for Frank Kaminsky to get his due | CollegeBasketballTalk
Melo Trimble had been among the top 10 for a few weeks, but dropped into "others that were considered" this week.

Sizing up Big Ten’s top NCAA hopefuls coming down the stretch " Big Ten Network
Maryland's stock is listed as "ascending" even with their recent struggles and it's hard to argue. They have easily the second best resume in the conference, behind Wisconsin.

Maryland football recruiting 2016 offer board - Testudo Times
Pete updated and beautified the interactive 2016 recruiting map. It's incredible.

Maryland basketball's pace skyrockets as scoring slows - Testudo Times
In case you missed Alex's great piece delving deeper into once possible reason Maryland's offense has struggled recently.

College baseball 2015: TCU tops SN's preseason rankings | MLB | Sporting News
Terps check in at No. 21, but B1G foe Nebraska is actually the highest ranked B1G team at No. 15.

Former North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith earned respect, adoration from those who played for and against him - ESPN
We did a fanshot around this when we learned of Dean's passing, but I wanted to share it again in case folks missed it because it includes some wonderful stories involving Lefty Driesell and Dean Smith. - Dave

Adam Woodbury Tries to Apologize to Maryland - Black Heart Gold Pants
Hilarious stuff from our friends at BHGP.

The 9 most defensive fan bases in sports | For The Win
Maryland is not included but a good list nonetheless. I'd add NC State basketball fans as a dark horse.