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Photo gallery: Maryland men's and women's basketball over the weekend

Check out our photo gallery from Maryland's dominant weekend of basketball that included wins from both the men and women, against Eastern Shore and Southern University respectively.

Now that I've become accustomed to Maryland basketball games, I find them to be a stress reliever. No worrying about finals. No worrying about the papers I have to write. Just sitting on the court, taking pictures of the players and the game I love.

So, as I was walking to the women's game on Friday night, I had never been more excited. The girls were ecstatic, ready to play and fight yet another struggling team. And what a night it was for Maryland, indeed.

A night of milestones. Shatori Walker-Kimbrough scored her 1000th point on Friday, and Brene Moseley notched her 300th assist. Once this happened, the bench was ecstatic, and in the second half of the game, probably the most exciting thing to watch was in fact the bench.

Chloe Pavlech is a class act with heart and soul for this team. She goes nuts on the sidelines, jumping as high as she can, screaming out or even acting out tiny skits with the other members of the team. Once Walker-Kimbrough came to the bench, Pavlech screamed out, picked her up and spun her around. You can see it in Pavlech's eyes that she loves basketball, and the Terrapins. That's the kind of loyalty, passion and dedication that leads a team to victory.

Kristen Confroy was excellent, as was Kiah Gillespie. They played a tough game and kept up with the pace. There were points in the game where I felt it was moving at incredibly great speeds, and I couldn't imagine even keeping up.

Brenda Frese is just an amazing coach. When I tell you that there isn't a second where she's sitting down or staying silent, I'd be lying. She is always standing, coaching and encouraging her players from the sidelines. Free cheers when the team does, and she is the ultimate coach. Maryland is incredibly fortunate to be led by such amazing women.

As for the men's game, I was expecting a complete blowout against Eastern Shore.

Well, that didn't happen, and I must say, it was a bit unimpressive. At least Melo was Melo. But look past the stars and you'll see Jared Nickens. He is by far the most impressive player coming off the bench. His 3-point shot is superb, and there's never a time where he can't keep up. The depth of the program lies beyond the starting line up.

See you next time.