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3 predictions for Maryland vs. Wisconsin

Some things to look for as the Terps take on the Badgers.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Maryland football team will take on Wisconsin this Saturday hoping to snap a five-game losing streak. The Badgers aren't ranked by the Colllege Football Playoff selection committee, but they come in at No. 15 in S&P+, so they are a fairly formidable opponent. Here are three things to look for in Saturday's game:

Will Likely will grab an interception

Maryland's star corner hasn't picked off a pass all season, but he's going to eventually. Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave has seven interceptions this season, so while he's not anywhere near approaching Maryland's level of passing inaccuracy, he could very well send a shaky pass Likely's way Saturday. That would be immensely important for the Terps, as a Likely interception could be the team's best shot at crossing the goal line against the Badgers.

Maryland quarterbacks will throw at least two interceptions

This one seems like a layup at this point. Maryland quarterbacks have thrown at least two picks in every game since the team's season-opener against Richmond. The team leads the FBS in interceptions with 23, and the next-closest team only has 18. Even if many of their turnovers have been bad luck, the Terps can't feel great about their ball security going into this one.

Perry Hills will outgain the other team's running back on the ground yet again, but this time he'll cross the century mark in passing yards too

Hills has outrushed Big Ten running backs Ezekiel Elliot, Saquon Barkley and Akrum Wadley in successive games, and he should keep that streak up this weekend. Maryland will try to do anything in its power to avoid having to stretch the field in the passing game, so expect Hills to get a lot of carries once again. Last week, he only accumulated 74 yards through the air, so he really has no place to go but up in that department.