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5 things for Maryland fans to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, make sure the Maryland fans in your life remember everything they've got.

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Happy Thanksgiving! We at Testudo Times hope it's a great one for you, your friends and your family. As you're digging into turkey, stuffing, steak, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie or whatever, we hope you're ... not reading a website devoted to covering University of Maryland athletics.

But, if you are, here are five things for every Maryland fan to be thankful for today. We'll count down:

5. Sasho Cirovski and Maryland's men's soccer program.

These Terps are on to the third round of the NCAA Tournament, where they'll face Notre Dame in South Bend on Sunday for the right to keep on moving on. It's Maryland's 15th tournament appearance in a row under Cirovski. Never, ever take this program's ceaseless brilliance for granted.

4. Diamond Stone and Kiah Gillespie.

No program stays strong without regular injections of talent, and Maryland's two basketball programs definitely have found that. Five-star center Stone has put together a nice start to his career for the men's team, while five-star forward Gillespie is absolutely lighting teams on fire for the women. It's fun to watch new players succeed. These two are doing it.

3. Melo Trimble

Maryland's men's basketball program was in shambles before the 2014-15 season. Then a kid from Prince George's County named Melo Trimble showed up, and he turned out to be pretty good. He led Maryland in scoring last season, when the team came from relative anonymity to set a program regular-season wins record. He's doing the same this year, only now, the game has changed. Trimble is the Big Ten's preseason player of the year, and he has Maryland out to an undefeated start en route to a potential national championship season. Never forget how much he's done in College Park.

2. Brenda Frese.

Speaking of not taking things for granted, Frese has officially turned Maryland into a women's college basketball juggernaut. The Terps might be the best non-Connecticut program in the sport at this point, coming off two straight Final Fours, on track to play in another this year and awaiting an all-time recruiting class for next season.These are the good times.

1. Maryland pride.

Be thankful you go to a school – or you root for a school – where something like this happens every week: