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Scenes from Maryland Basketball's Game vs. Rider

TT photographer and staff writer Sammi Silber was on the court for Maryland's ugly win over Rider University. Take a look at her pictures and her thoughts about the game.

Adrenaline. That was what was prominent throughout the entire game. Since the tip-off, everyone had been on the edge of their seats, and I was snapping more photos than I had ever taken before.

Ironically, Maryland was losing. The team was shooting and making good plays, but none of them seemed to work. On the other hand, it was smooth-sailing for Rider University. However, that did not cause fans to leave, nor did it make them sit down.

As the team's deficit grew larger, the crowd grew louder. Everyone was on their feet, screaming. The fans knew they needed to become a powerhouse to get this Maryland team to gain momentum after a rocky start.

At the end of the first half, things seemed to be looking a bit better. However, it was the second half of the game that turned the tide. Diamond Stone was not named a starter for this game, he powered the Terps' comeback effort against the Broncos. Most of the momentum started to come after he dunked a missed shot from Rasheed Sulaimon right into the net, then fell to the ground.

Diamond Stone is one of the most exciting players to watch. He is an explosive player, and his signature scream as he dunks is a look that no one can help but smile at.

Best cheerleader would have to be Varun Ram. From the bench for most of the game, Ram cheered on his fellow players and kept cheering as loudly as he could. He body slammed Melo Trimble after the guard had tied the game on a terrific three point play.

However, though it seems that the team just gained momentum after the locker room break, there were differences between the first and second half that a normal spectator wouldn't notice. And that was the communication and interaction the players had in the separate halves.

What a ugly win, but a win is a win.