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Terrapin Title Tracker

This is your weekly roundup of Maryland non-revenue action. Let's take a look at their chances to win some hardware.

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Men's Soccer

Men's Soccer probably did not deserve to win their second straight Big Ten title based on how they've played this season. They failed to find consistency and still struggle with scoring, a problem that will plague them when they hit postseason play.

Record this week: 0-1 (1-0 loss to Ohio State)

Record this season: (7-5-4, 2-2-3)

Grade for the week: F. The Terps controlled their own destiny in the Big Ten. They got shut out and Sebastian Elney got sent off after receiving two yellow cards.

Title chances: 0. Maryland's loss to Ohio State in Columbus means that the Terps will not win the Big Ten title.

#6 Field Hockey

The defending Big Ten champs captured their second straight outright Big Ten title by beating Iowa, 2-1, in double overtime in Iowa City.

Record this week: 1-0 (2-1 win in double overtime against Iowa)

Record this season: (16-3, 8-0)

Grade for the week: A+. Maryland's double overtime win means that the Terps win the Big Ten title outright for the second straight year.

Title chances: 5. For the second straight season, the Terps are Big Ten champs.


Volleyball got their second Big Ten win of the season but also got crushed by Nebraska.

Record this week: 1-1 (3-1 win against Iowa and a 3-0 loss to Nebraska)

Record this season: (12-14, 2-10)

Grade for the week: D. The win is nice but this team did not compete with Nebraska at all. It was probably their worst match of the season.

Title chances: 0. The Terps have no shot at winning the Big Ten title.


A newcomer enters the fray! The Terps got started at the Terrapin Duals this week, going 1-2.

Record this week: 1-2 (40-3 win over Davidson, 16-15 loss to Pitt and 19-13 loss to Buffalo)

Record this season: 1-2

Grade for the week: C-. Maryland could definitely have gone 3-0 today but they made tiny mistakes and head coach Kerry McCoy said they didn't show enough fight.

Title chances: 0. The Terps have no shot of winning the Big Ten title in wrestling.

Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer's incredibly disappointing season ended this week, not with a bang, but with a whimper. The Terps lost to the Cornhuskers and will not be playing postseason soccer for the second year in a row.

Record this week: 0-1 (1-0 loss to Nebraska)

Record this season: (6-12-1, 1-9-1)

Grade for the week: F. Maryland couldn't muster a win in their season finale and got shut out for the sixth time in Big Ten play.

Title chances: 0. Maryland's season is over and they will not be going to the Big Ten tournament.