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Testudo Times wins Baltimore Sun Mobbie reader's choice, best college/amateur sports blog awards

Thanks to you, we've had a really good year.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Testudo Times has won two Baltimore Sun Mobbies, we've learned this week: Best college or amateur sports blog and also reader's choice, given to the top vote-getting site in any category.

The Mobbies are The Sun's annual recognitions of Maryland's online blogs and communities, and we're very appreciative of your support – certainly for those who voted, but even more so just for continually stopping by Testudo Times.

We think we've developed a lot over the last few years. We're still a blog by and for Maryland people, absolutely, but we've tried to inject hard news reporting in an effort to be both the most fun and informative Terps news outlet. It's always a process, but we feel very good about where we are. A big reason for that is all of you, who comment enthusiastically and have turned TT – over a lot of years, really – into a vibrant, gigantic online community.

This is an exciting time for us. The website is reaching hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month, and we're connected with more than 13,000 people on Twitter and 3,000 more on Facebook. That means a lot of people are seeing our work, and we're trying very hard – in the midst of school, jobs and families – to produce things that are worthy of your readership.

We'd be remiss not to give a tip of the cap to Ben Broman, who started this place up seven years ago and whose foundation we're always building atop. One of our biggest goals is to keep growing TT without sacrificing the intimacy and fun he fostered here for so long. And also, of course, thanks to our hardworking staff. They're going places.

These days, you've probably noticed that Pete isn't around quite as much, as his good work at TT netted him a promotion to assistant college football editor at SB Nation. Dave's providing the same fun perspective he's been providing since the site's launch in 2008, and Alex has joined Dave in coordinating TT's day-to-day operations.

These are busy times, but we're really glad to be working through them with this community. Thanks for all of your support.