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Does the Maryland-Georgetown rivalry actually exist?

We sampled views from some Maryland students.

Sammi Silber

Maryland's game Tuesday against Georgetown is being referred to as a "rivalry renewed."

Located about 20 miles from Maryland's campus, Georgetown was once considered a top basketball program. Under head coach John Thompson, they won the 1984 national championship and made it to three Final Fours. In the 80s, Maryland and Georgetown were two marquee programs.

However, in the last five years, neither team has been particularly successful. Georgetown has made four NCAA Tournaments, but has not made it past the round of 32, losing to opponents with double-digit seeding in each appearance. Maryland has made two appearances in the last five years, losing in the Round of 32 both times.

Maryland's clearly on the way up, but it's been a long time since both the Terps and Hoyas have been consistently good together.

The teams' lack of recent history prevents students like senior Ben Wright from seeing the game as a real rivalry.

"We play in different conferences, and we haven't been good in years," he said.

Some students, like sophomore Atousa Motomeni, do not know Maryland ever shared a history with Georgetown.

"Were we rivals before?" she asked.

While some students do consider Georgetown a rival, they hold no ill will towards the Hoyas.

"I have no feelings towards them if they aren't playing us," said freshman Zach Schain. "They are a whole different team than Duke."

Senior Zimmy Nwai summed up many students' feelings on Georgetown.

"They are around," Nwai said, "so I guess you could say it is a rivalry."

Perhaps "Game Between Teams In Close Geographic Proximity" would be a more accurate title – at least for now.

If that's going to change, Tuesday isn't a bad place to start.