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Mike Locksley speaks to media 1 day after Maryland's loss to Iowa

News and notes from the interim head coach's media teleconference.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland interim head coach Mike Locksley addressed the media in a seven-minute conference call Sunday, a day after the Terps lost to No. 10 Iowa 31-15.

  • On Brandon Ross's fumble on the team's opening drive: " When you're in the second level, or as we call it, 'the trouble zone,' you have to put two hands on the football.  He's got to put his off hand over the ball to protect it number one, but we'd also like to see D.J. Moore finish his block out on the perimeter and not allow that guy to come over and make the hit."
  • He didn't give much thought to the idea of a running back controversy: "Wes [Brown]played 30 snaps yesterday, Brandon played 22 snaps.," Locksley said. "Wes is already playing fine for us."
  • With Damian Prince unable to go Saturday, the team rotated a couple guys in on the offensive line. It did open up some opportunities for some guys who haven't played," he said. "Maurice [Shelton] and Brendan Moore, they're inside players, so it wasn't nothing to do with that. Moving Ryan Doyle going out to right tackle, he started the season at right tackle. Those two both wanted the opportunities, and we wanted to be sure we got Derwin some meaningful reps as he continues to progress.
  • On Derwin Gray seeing some more playing time against Iowa: "Derwin played 25 snaps for us. He came out of it without any missed assignments, so that's the thing we've been looking for out of Derwin. He came out and played decently. There's still a some technical things we'd like to see him do, be a little more physical coming off the football."
  • On the team's passing attack: "If you look at our execution, we're 1-of-10 on third down, we're not executing in the passing game," he said. "We're in obvious passing situations and our quarterback's got to be able to execute the game plan. Right now, we're not doing very well in the drop-back passing game where people kno we have to throw the ball."
  • Kingsley Opara will be getting an MRI this week, and he had no new information on Damian Prince (ankle) or Levern Jacobs (knee). He said he expects Prince and Jacobs to be "able" once the team resumes practice on Tuesday.
  • He was asked about Brad Craddock's leadership skills, and repeated again what he and Edsall have said said many times. It's rare that your kicker is one of the most influential players on the team, and it helps to be a leader when you're one of the best in the nation at your position. We've heard it before, and it's still true.