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College football rankings: Iowa doesn't move after victory over Terps

The Hawkeyes didn't get a big boost in the eyes of voters after beating the Terps.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Iowa beat Maryland 31-15 on Saturday, the Hawkeyes stayed at No. 10 in the AP Poll, while moving up one spot to No. 11 in the Coaches Poll.

Ohio State, Michigan State and Iowa are all in familiar spots in the top 10 of the Associated Press Poll, as none of the teams changed positions from week nine to week 10.

The Buckeyes stayed on top in the Associated Press and Coaches polls and moved up one spot during its bye week to No. 4 in S&P+ after its bye week. Michigan State, also on a bye week, stayed at No. 6 in the AP and moved down one spot to No. 6 in the Coaches Poll.

Michigan came in at No. 16 and No. 17, in the AP and Coaches polls, and moved down one spot to No. 3 in S&P+ after a last-second goal-line stand gave the Wolverines a narrow victory over Minnesota.

Wisconsin still didn''t appear in the AP or Coaches polls but is becoming an S&P+ darling, moving up four spots to No. 15. In S&P+, Maryland moved up three spots to No. 80. Purdue is the only Big Ten team ranked lower in S&P than the Terps, coming in one spot behind them at No. 81.

The Terps and the Badgers kick off at 3:30 this Saturday in College Park in Maryland's homecoming game.

AP Coaches S&P+
1 Ohio State (39) Ohio State (48) Clemson
2 Baylor (6) Baylor (9) Alabama
3 Clemson (6) TCU (4) Michigan
4 LSU (5) LSU (1) Ohio State
5 TCU (4) Clemson (2) Baylor
6 Michigan State Michigan State LSU
7 Alabama (1) Alabama TCU
8 Notre Dame Stanford Oklahoma
9 Stanford Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Iowa Oklahoma State Florida
11 Florida Iowa USC
12 Oklahoma State Florida Ole Miss
13 Utah Oklahoma West Virginia
14 Oklahoma Utah Florida State
15 Memphis Florida State Wisconsin
16 Michigan Memphis Iowa
17 Florida State Michigan Stanford
18 Houston Houston Washington
19 Ole Miss Ole Miss UCLA
20 Toledo Toledo Toledo
21 North Carolina North Carolina Mississippi State
22 UCLA UCLA Tennessee
23 Temple Temple Michigan State
24 Mississippi State Texas A&M Utah
25 Texas A&M Mississippi State Duke