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Reports swirl about Maryland football coach Randy Edsall's firing

Reports are rampant that Maryland will fire Edsall, but the timing of the move is unknown.

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A bit of news yesterday, wasn't there? Jeff Ermann of Inside Maryland Sports kicked the day off by reporting Maryland intended to fire Randy Edsall in the days around this Saturday's game against Ohio State, and a ball really got rolling from there. So, welcome to day two of Edsall Watch 2015.

Maryland Football

Report: Randy Edsall's days as Maryland head coach could be numbered
Where there is this much smoke, there has to be a fire. While I do not disagree with letting Edsall go, what benefit is gained by firing him mid-season?

Recruits, fans react on Twitter to reports about Randy Edsall
If there are any Edsall advocates left, they are hiding from social media.

Ditching Randy Edsall No Cure-All for Maryland Terrapins
True, firing Edsall would not solve all or nearly all of the program's problems, but it would allow a chance to regroup and find a direction for the program.

Why Greg Schiano makes sense if Maryland coaching job opens
Fan reaction to the prospect of hiding Schiano would probably be lukewarm at best.

College football coaches piling up more cash through bonuses
One look at USA Today's database is enough to know Maryland might have to pay handsomely for a new coach if, or when, they part ways with Edsall.

Maryland Basketball

What Should The Maryland Terrapins Expect In Big Ten Play?
All things considered, the schedule should offer the Terps plenty of opportunities to play ranked opponents and build a strong resume. If this team is as good as many think it can be, Maryland should not fear tough competition.