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Maryland to fire Randy Edsall barring "unexpected" reversal, per reports

The exact timing of the move remains unclear.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Maryland is likely to fire head football coach Randy Edsall by the conclusion of this weekend's game against Ohio State, according to a report from Inside Maryland Sports's Jeff Ermann.

[Update: Yahoo Sports's Pat Forde also reports Maryland will dismiss Edsall.]

Ermann reports Maryland is prepared to pay Edsall through the rest of the season and pay the associated $2.6 million cost that would entail. Edsall signed a three-year contract extension with Maryland last June, but just a fraction – $500,000 out of $7.5 million – came guaranteed.

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There's a lot more in the report. Ermann cites a program source who believes Edsall's firing wouldn't cost the team much in the way of transfers or attrition: "Nobody in the locker room would leave next year because Edsall is fired," the source told Ermann. "He doesn't have too many fans left in the locker room."

Ultimately, money matters, and one source told Ermann of Edsall: "No donor I know is happy."

Edsall is 0-11 against ranked teams in his time at Maryland, and his record through nearly four-and-a-half seasons is 22-33 overall. This is a developing story, so keep checking back here (and with Jeff) over the coming days.