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Maryland football linked to Eagles head coach Chip Kelly

Would Kelly ever coach Maryland? Almost definitely not. That, and more, in the newest Maryland Minute.

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly
Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The "Chip Kelly to Maryland" train – long dreamt about in some comments sections – is rolling down the media tracks.

While it is not my job to speculate on the future job security of football head coach Randy Edsall, some brief rumors have emerged surrounding the possibility of Eagles head coach Chip Kelly potentially replacing Edsall at Maryland. After all, both coaches currently sitting on the proverbial "hot seat." There are some other interesting thoughts that might connect Kelly to Maryland (read them below), but don't get too deep into it.

The likeliness of this scenario actually playing out? Not good, for a lot of reasons. But that hasn't stopped people from writing about it, so, alas, here we are.

Full coverage of randy edsall story

Maryland Football:

Feldman: Maryland Could be Fit for Chip Kelly – Inside Maryland Sports
Josh Stirn outlines why Maryland bidding for Chip Kelly could, in some universe somewhere, actually happen. It probably would involve Kevin Plank doing something totally outrageous and beyond reason, but I suppose it is fun to think about.

FOX: Chip Kelly to Maryland 'not going to happen' -- but speculation follows | CSN Mid-Atlantic
The best way to crush someone's dreams is to crush them promptly.

Perry Hills the Likely Choice to Start for Terps at Ohio State – Inside Maryland Sports
Mike Locksley seems to be looking for the quarterback that will make the least amount of mistakes, and the QB which will give the Terps the best chance at upsetting the top ranked Buckeyes. The solution, Perry Hills.

'Tackle him' -- If only it were that easy vs. Ezekiel Elliott | CSN Mid-Atlantic
DC Keith Dudzinski was asked how the Terps should  contain a player of Elliott’s caliber and he answered, "Tackle him." Given the moderately impressive defensive performance against the Wolverines last weekend, we will have to trust his instinct.

Maryland among five schools with biggest drop in attendance | CSN Mid-Atlantic
This probably does not come as a surprise to many. CSN states that this dip in attendance may have a lot to do with the loss to Bowling Green, but speaking from personal one was at that game either.

Big Ten Football:

Polls: It’s time to pick your Week 6 Big Ten football winners" – Big Ten Network
Ohio State 41, Maryland the most favorable prediction Maryland received.

Projecting the Big Ten race, in which ... Iowa and Michigan have the upper hand? -
Two teams that Maryland defeated last year now have a legitimate shot at facing each other in the Big Ten championship game.

SEC Football?!:

There has to come a point where avoiding the discussion of Maryland football becomes the sensible thing to do, so here's a little random crazy college football news that every reader assuredly already knew about.

LSU-South Carolina moved from Columbia to Baton Rouge due to flooding -

Because of extensive flooding in Columbia due to Hurricane Joaquin, Saturday's LSU-South Carolina game will be moved to Tiger Stadium.

Maryland Basketball:

Melo Trimble Named Second-Team All-American by CBS Sports
Melo Trimble is probably going to have a good season, and the nation realizes this. If Melo does end up an All-American player, he would just be the fifth Terp to do so in the past two decades, joining Greivis Vasquez, Juan Dixon, Steve Francis and Keith Booth.

Mark Turgeon and his team's 'most important six weeks' | CSN Mid-Atlantic
"This is the most important six weeks for me. I’ve got to get a lot of stuff in," Turgeon said. "I’m going to ride them pretty hard and for us to be a great team, this six weeks has to be great for us. They get it."

Maryland basketball opens practice for a season of high aspirations. – Washington Post

On the verge of a historic season, Mark Turgeon challenges the self-declared 'most loaded roster he's ever coached' with some defensive drills.

Basketball Recruiting:

5-star recruit Mohamed Bamba and his 7'8 wingspan must be seen to be believed -
I wrote a piece on this recruit long ago (Jan 2015), and everyone jumped on this website for covering an athlete whom was part of the class of 2017. Now we don't look so foolish, do we? Anyway, the buzz surrounding this blue-chip recruit is only building, and the recruiting competition is only growing.