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Randy Edsall says Maryland hasn't decided on starting QB vs. Ohio State

We might not find out who's starting at quarterback until Saturday, and other notes from Edsall's Sunday conference call.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

A day after Maryland football's 28-0 loss to Michigan in the team's Big Ten home opener, Randy Edsall spoke to the media in a six-minute conference call. Here is some of what he said:

  • Edsall said he and the coaching staff  have yet to make a determination about who will be under center for the team's matchup with No. 1 Ohio State this week, and he might not announce the decision until game time. "Everybody is in play there," he said, and that includes Perry Hills. "He's in the mix," Edsall said. "We told Perry from the beginning, 'hey, just because this is happening now, don't read into it because you just don't know what could happen, and he's done that."
  • On Daxx Garman: "he's in the mix."
  • When asked if "everybody" included true freshman quarterback Gage Shaffer: "We're looking at the guys who play that position."
  • Linebacker Jefferson Ashiru, who suffered a season-ending ankle injury Saturday, "will end up having surgery probably Thursday or Friday of this week."
  • Defensive tackle David Shaw, who suffered a season-ending elbow injury against West Virginia, will have surgery on Monday.
  • After some injuries at linebacker, the team will use the same solution they did Saturday. Jalen Brooks moved over to the weak-side position while Avery Thompson slid in on the strong side during Saturday's game, and that's how Edsall said the position will look agains the Buckeyes.
  • Freshman linebacker Brett Zonatto will miss about three weeks with a high ankle sprain. "He didn't even get hit on the play that he got hurt," Esall said. "He was just running and trying to make a tackle. Nobody fell on him or anything."
  • Edsall praised the defensive line's improvement since the West Virginia game. "We took control of our gaps, we played better fundamentally," he said. Edsall touted Brett Kulka's play, and said he thought his linemen were fresher due to the fact that they rotated a lot of guys around at the position. He also praised Cavon Walker and Mbi Tanyi's play in the limited minutes they received. "We're down a few guys on defense, but we'll make adjustments and move on," he said.
  • On the three fumbles the team forced, two of which they recovered: "Guys were taking advantage of situations, in terms of  seeing some loose balls hanging in there in terms of them carrying the ball, and we knocked some out, " he said. "Quinton [Jefferson] gets an interception because he's hustling to the ball."