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Profiles in Terpage 2015: Varun Ram

Maryland's backup guard will play a defensive role in the coming season.

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Countdown Clock

Varun Ram, senior, guard, No. 21

Height: 5'9

Weight: 155

Twitter: @VRam_21

Collegiate Stats:

Recruiting Ratings: N/A

Who did Maryland beat out? N/A

Previous College: Trinity College

High School: River Hill

Hometown: Clarksville, Md.

How'd He Get to College Park?

Ram transferred over from Trinity before the 2012-13 season. He sat an ineligibility season, and he's come off the bench periodically over the last two seasons, mostly as a defensive specialist. In 2012, before Ram walked onto Maryland's team, he was a standout at Maryland's Eppley Recreation Center and Armory gyms. Your faithful correspondent played a handful of five-on-five games with Ram and regularly marveled at his ball-handling and totally unforeseeable dunking ability:

Career Highlight:

Ram came off the bench at the end of Maryland's first-round NCAA Tournament game against Valparaiso last March. He chased his man to the corner and swatted away the Crusaders' game-tying three-point attempt as time expired, sealing Maryland's advancement to the next round.

Dream Season:

Ram comes off the bench in defensive situations and makes another play like the one in that clip.

2015-16 Prospectus

Last year, Ram was one of just two point guards on Maryland's roster. This year, Maryland has another backup at the position to Melo Trimble in junior college transfer Jaylen Brantley. That means Ram will be limited almost completely to defensive situations, especially those where Maryland has a foul to give late in a half and needs someone to chase around a fast ball-handler to prevent a buzzer-beating shot attempt. Ram's pretty good at that, and he'll find a niche somewhere in the same way he's done for the last two seasons.

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