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Where to find Testudo Times on Facebook and Twitter

We hope you've enjoyed your visit. Here's where else you can find us.

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Hello! Thanks for visiting us here at Testudo Times. We hope you've found something interesting or informative, and we're highly appreciative that you decided to stop by. Whether you drop in once per month or once per hour, you're helping us grow and reach as many people with our work as possible. That means a lot, and we'll try to keep making you want to come back.

These days, a lot of our Web traffic comes from social media – often a quarter of it, and sometimes more than that. So it's an important part of our business. It's also another channel for us to be interactive and talk to the people who read our work, which is both really important and a lot of fun. With that in mind, we're leaving below a full accounting of how to connect with Testudo Times on Facebook and Twitter, our two primary social channels.

Like Testudo Times on Facebook

This one's really important. If you like our Facebook page, you'll be able to see just about all of our posts over there. Don't do it out of charity, of course: If you don't think we've earned it, don't press that button. But if you like our work (and we're trying really hard to make sure you do), please head over to Zuckerberg's kingdom and press the thumbs-up thing on our page. It'll help us get bigger, which will help us provide better coverage of Maryland sports teams. Such is the dream.

Follow Testudo Times on Twitter

This is just as important, though Twitter is a bit less reliable as a driver of readers. Twitter isn't always a direct avenue to higher Web traffic. For example, we don't get more visitors up front when we tweet live plays and commentary during every Maryland football and men's basketball game. But we find people usually appreciate that kind of thing, especially the ones who have things going on that might prevent them from watching games as they're happening. And, of course, we tweet out every single thing we publish, so you'll have an easy time seeing all of our work. We're at about 13,000 followers now, and building out from there would be a big thing.

Follow our staff on Twitter

And, hey, in addition to @testudotimes, we've got a deep roster of people who tweet about Maryland (and sometimes other things) all the time. Here's our full staff Twitter directory. We'd love to have you here, too, if that's your kind of thing.

Alex Kirshner: 

Dave Tucker: 

Pete Volk: 

Noah Niederhoffer: 

Ryan Connors: 

Matt Ellentuck: 

Andrew Kramer: 

Jake Nazar: 

James Crabtree-Hannigan: 

Anthony Brown: 

Thomas Kendziora: 

Sammi Silber: 

Justin Fitzgerald: 

Carson Kenney: 

Lee Sampson: 

Drew Sorrells: 

Robbie Greenspan: 

We'll keep this list updated as people and accounts change.

Also, obviously, add us on Myspace.