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Randy Edsall is gone. What's next for Maryland football?

Maryland dismissed Randy Edsall after a 2-4 start to the 2015 season. What are the program's next steps?

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Maryland fired Randy Edsall. Here is what his era of Terps football did to me -
Our editor emeritus and current SB Nation writer Pete Volk details the struggles of supporting the Maryland program under the watch of Randy Edsall. Whew! Its a lot to take in.

With Randy Edsall out, what's next for Maryland Terrapins?
With the firing of Edsall, how attractive is College Park for a coach that can compete in the Big Ten? The conference houses three of the 10 highest paid coaches in college football. How will this factor into the hunt for a savior for the program?

How will Randy Edsall’s firing impact Dwayne Haskins and the rest of Maryland’s 2016 football recruiting class? - The Washington Post
Coach Edsall managed to acquire a bevy of key recruits of the 2016 season, led by four-star quarterback, Dwayne Haskins Jr. While Haskins has reassured his commitment, will the rest waver in theirs in the wake of Edsall's firing?

Anderson: 3 early facts about Maryland coaching search | CSN Mid-Atlantic
When asked about his coaching search, athletic director, Kevin Anderson, highlighted three factors that will be included in his decision.

Maryland AD wants to 'personally apologize' to Randy Edsall | CSN Mid-Atlantic
Via Daniel Martin of CSN Mid-Atlantic, "Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson would like to 'personally apologize' to Randy Edsall, he said during a press conference Sunday."