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Maryland-Ohio State GameThread

The 2-3 Terps visit undefeated, top-ranked Ohio State. Let's talk about it.

Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images

Here is the Maryland football team, at 2-3 through five games and facing an uphill climb against No. 1 Ohio State on Saturday. The Terrapins and Buckeyes are set to kick off at historic Ohio Stadium at noon. You can watch the game on the Big Ten Network or stream it via BTN2Go. Eric Collins, Glen Mason and Rick Pizzo are on the call.

In all likelihood, the Terps aren't in for anything good. SB Nation's model gives them a 12 percent chance to win, and bettors have already decided a four-touchdown spread wasn't generous enough to their hosts. If the Terps win this game, it will be an upset of the highest order, not much different than Jacksonville State over Auburn would've been.

There's also the matter of Randy Edsall. Maryland's head coach may or may not be about to coach his final game for the program, as reports have swirled since Thursday morning about his bosses' intention to fire him.

College football is our most predictable sport year over year, but, then again, that makes the unpredictable even more fun. Maryland is facing long odds, but losing badly to Ohio State won't change much. Winning certainly would, especially if since it would be nearly unheard of for a coach to be fired immediately after beating a top-ranked team.

There's a ton of reading material in our StoryStream this week. Check it out.

I've made the drive to Columbus, and I'll have updates from the press box all day. If anyone else is around and wants to say hello, drop a line in the comments if you'd like to say hi somewhere around the stadium.

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Don't let today's result have a drastic effect on the quality of your Saturday, and try to enjoy the game.