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2015 college football recruiting rankings: Where will Maryland's class rank on National Signing Day?

The Terps could end up with a top 30 class ... or a top 60 class.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

With less than a week until Signing Day, Maryland football's 2015 recruiting class ranks No. 41 in the country and No. 6 in the Big Ten. There may be only a few names still available, but they are significant ones in determining the class's overall value.

Thursday, we took a look at Maryland's chances with each of those remaining targets. The Terrapins will host blue-chip offensive lineman Isaiah Prince this weekend, and are also heavily pursuing three-star defensive end Austrian Robinson. Both will announce on Signing Day. They're also trying to hold on to four-star offensive guard Quarvez Boulware (scheduled to visit Florida this weekend) and three-star safety Jameel Cook (scheduled to visit Indiana). Long-shot options include four-star quarterback Kai Locksley and four-star wide receiver Ryan Davis.

Let's use 247Sports' Class Calculator to see where some hypothetical classes would rank, with the final 2014 rankings as a guide (because the other schools have not finished their 2015 classes yet either). We're cropping these only to include recruits rated .8400 or above, just to make the images shorter.

Best case scenario: Add Prince, Robinson, Locksley, Davis, keep Boulware

In 2014, this class would have ranked No. 32 nationally, behind Arkansas, North Carolina and Arizona and ahead of Virginia, Wisconsin, NC State and Mississippi State. The 2015 national class is a bit worse than 2014, so there's a chance Maryland could sneak into the top 30 here.

Next-best: Add Prince, Robinson, Locksley, keep Boulware

This class would have ranked No. 34 in 2014, ahead of NC State, Mississippi State and Nebraska but behind Wisconsin, Virginia and Arizona. There's also a small chance this class could end up in the top 30 due to the talent drop-off nationally.

Realistic best case scenario: Add Prince, Robinson, keep Boulware

This class would have ranked No. 39 in 2014, ahead of Missouri, South Florida, Texas Tech and TCU and behind West Virginia, Washington and Nebraska.

Acceptable scenario: Add Prince, Keep Boulware

Defensive line is the biggest immediate need, but keeping local-blue chippers at home has to be the top priority. This class would have ranked No. 40 in 2014 -- basically the same spot as the scenario above.

Meh, okay scenario: Add Robinson, Keep Boulware

Until just recently, Maryland fans had already written off Isaiah Prince as a possibility after his commitment to Alabama, but losing him after he re-entered the picture would hurt. This class would have ranked No. 46 last year, ahead of Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Indiana and Kansas State and behind Louisville, Pitt and TCU (and Maryland's own class last year).

Bad scenario: Keep Boulware only

This class would have ranked a few slots lower -- No. 49, above Kansas State, Syracuse, Kansas, Boston College and Cal but below all the other teams mentioned above.

Very bad scenario: Get nobody, lose Boulware and Cook

Yikes. This class would have ranked No. 59 last season, above Duke, UCF, Marshall and Rutgers but below Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota and Georgia Tech. Maryland really, really does not want this class.