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Bracketology - Where does Maryland basketball stand following their first conference loss?

Maryland lost their first road game of the season last week. How did it impact their projected seeding? We take a look.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Time for our weekly check-in on where various bracketologists are projecting Maryland in their latest NCAA Tournament fields. Maryland slipped a little in the polls released yesterday, following their first road and conference loss of the season. How does that impact their projected seeding? Probably not as much as you might think.

Disclaimer - As was mentioned previously, there is a lot of basketball to be played. A lot will happen between now and Selection Sunday. The NCAA Tournament Field that is announced on March 15th is going to be a lot different than what people are projecting now. But that doesn't mean looking at projections is a worthless exercise. With that in mind, let's take a look at where people think the Terps currently stand.

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports Bracketology
Terps remain as a 3-seed. They'd be in the West, where he has Gonzaga as a #1.

Bracket Watch: Villanova replaces Wisconsin on top line |
Maryland is a 4-seed this week in the East region, where Duke holds onto their #1 seed. Last week, SI had the Terps as a 3-seed.

Men's Basketball Bracketology | College Sports Madness
Maryland is a 4-seed in Kentucky's bracket. Last week Maryland was actually a 5-seed in their bracket, so they moved up despite the loss to Illinois.

ESPN Bracketology - Joe Lunardi
Lunardi gave us his 2nd projection last week and hasn't yet updated. In that, he has Maryland as a 3-seed in the East, where Duke is the 1-seed. Also in the East? Georgetown (9-seed), VCU (5-seed), and Villanova (2-seed).