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Maryland Men's Soccer: Terps and UMBC tie 0-0

The Terps played another tough opponent to start the year, in-state rival UMBC, and drew 0-0.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off their first win of the season vs Coastal Carolina, Maryland looked to keep the momentum going vs in-state foe UMBC. UMBC comes in ranked #14, the second Top 15 opponent the Terps had faced this year, the first being Louisville which brought a 1-0 loss. So it was important to make a statement vs a nationally ranked opponent - like they did vs Coastal Carolina - and show Maryland hasn't skipped a beat this year after consecutive College Cup appearances. Maryland wasn't able to do that, but didn't come out with a bad result per se, drawing 0-0.

First Half

The crowd at Ludwig was fantastic, and they were pumped up and into the action from the start. The first 10 minutes however were more subdued, with both teams in possession at times. Maryland was able to cause some problems on set pieces and force a few saves from Phil Brino in the UMBC goal. Corboz nearly found the net on a free kick from just outside the 18 yard box, just barely missing the top corner. The Terps continued their pressure over the next few minutes, repeatedly finding space in the UMBC midfield and in behind. Anytime the Golden Retrievers looked to gain a foothold, Maryland's CB's easily won balls in the air off goal kicks. The next 10-15 minutes saw the pace slow significantly, with no rhythm being established and the game being very stop-start. Maryland had a few little looks trying to get players in behind the UMBC defense, but nothing came of it. With just under 6 minutes left an Ambrose corner was nearly turned home by Sauers, who headed just wide. The half would finish 0-0.

Maryland was in control for almost all of the first half, and had no issues with UMBC's counter attack, and they were very comfortable at the back. But they weren't able to force many big saves from Brino outside of set pieces, and that was the big issue that needed fixing in the second half.

Second Half

The Terps picked up the pressure in the second half, putting the UMBC defenders under pressure, and continuing to cause trouble off set pieces, nearly turning in a rebound after a spilled catch by Brino. The Retrievers finally were able to spring one of their counterattacks after blocking a few Maryland shots, attacking down the right wing, but Maryland got enough defenders back to quell the threat. Maryland started to get more and more chances in behind using, with their pace and creativity posing issues. With the Terps pushing more numbers forward, UMBC's counterattack picked up, causing a few nervous moments at the back for Maryland off of some dangerous crosses. UMBC used the counterattacks to get a foothold in the game, and they would take over the game for a period with under 30 minutes to go, particularly causing troubles down the right wing with Stephen Ho. Maryland wouldn't go down easily, and they picked up the play at the under 20 mark, getting a flurry of corners.

David Kabellik got arguably Maryland's best chance of the night with just 12 minutes left, driving a low cross/shot across goal. No one got on the end of it, but it nearly went in on its own. Another great chance was created with half a dozen minutes left. Dan Metzger played a superb through ball for Korvah, who forced a great save from Brino.

That would be the last of the major chances, and we headed to extra time at 1-1.

Extra Time

The first half of extra time passed without much incident, but there were a few dangerous moments for the Maryland back line. Again UMBC caused some troubles down the right wing with crosses that were driven across the face of goal and there for the taking. UMBC couldn't take advantage, and we went to the 2nd Extra Time still at 0-0.

The second half was the same story all night. A stop-start affair, with no chances on either side.

Final: Maryland 0-0 UMBC

Maryland simply wasn't clinical enough. They created some good chances, put in consistently dangerous crosses, but they weren't able to put them away. They were solid at the back for long stretches, and UMBC only rarely threatened. But when you can't take chances, you're not going to come away with a win.

It was a great crowd at Ludwig though, the 4th largest in Ludwig's history, at 7,284.

The Terps return Monday vs Navy.