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Maryland Minute 9.3.14 - Maryland to apply for medical redshirt for Taivon Jacobs

Taivon Jacobs is out for the season, the depth chart gets some changes, and the B1G's best Week 1 performances

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Terps News

Taivon Jacobs may yet gain another year of eligibility:

Maryland would likely need to prove that he missed his first season on campus due to injury. Jacobs tore his ACL in high school and struggled to recover in time for the season.

Maryland makes changes at wide receiver, safety
The new depth chart has the following changes: Marcus Leak replaces Taivon Jacobs, Malcolm Culmer will back up Leak at the #3 receiver spot, and Elvis Dennah replaces A.J. Hendy as Sean Davis' backup.

Maryland football: True freshman QB Will Ulmer moving to WR
The move adds depth to the wide receiver corps., and is probably Ulmer's fastest path to playing time.

B1G News

Big Ten Football Players of the Week
Check out the conference's best Week 1 performances.

The Freshman 15: Big Ten
Freshmen sensations from Week 1.

Big Ten Football Roundup - Week One
Maize and Brew comments on the first week of games, and warns "don't get caught sleeping against the Terps."

YouTuber adds 'Game of Thrones' theme to Big Ten commercial, nails it
GoT fans should check this out.

Big Ten Power Rankings: Week 1
Rutgers checks in 1 spot above the Terps at #8, and ESPN loves Christian Hackenberg, so PSU gets the nod at #6

Other News

BTN LiveBIG: Madieu Williams impacting Maryland, Sierra Leone
The Madieu Williams Foundation is fostering innovation at the University of Maryland to benefit children and schools in his native Sierra Leone - a partnership where everyone wins.

Under Armour signs Gisele Bundchen
Under Armour keeps expanding in all directions. [Todd]