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College Football Rankings 2014, Week 2: Full polls

Florida State remains on top with Washington sliding out of the top 25.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The weekly college football polls have been released, with some movement in the top 25.

The first week of college football saw only one upset based on rankings with 21st ranked Texas A&M defeating 9th ranked South Carolina on the opening night Thursday. Three top 25 teams lost in the opening week, but all of them remained in the top 25. The biggest jump came from A&M, who are up seven spots to 13. Georgia is the only new top 10 team, after impressively routing Clemson 45-21. UCLA and South Carolina both slid out of the top 10.

Unsurprisingly, Maryland didn't receive any votes to be in the top 25 despite blowing out James Madison 52-7. Oklahoma State stays on the outside looking in but earned the most votes of any team not in the top 25, even with the loss to Florida State. Washington was the only school to drop out of the top 25, with Missouri earning entry.

Four Big Ten schools are listed in the Coaches poll including two top ten teams in Michigan State and Ohio State. Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota and Rutgers are all unranked, but received votes for a top 25 spot.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State (46) Florida State (57) Oregon
2 Alabama (1) Alabama Alabama
3 Oregon (5) Oklahoma (2) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (2) Oregon (2) Florida State
5 Auburn Auburn Texas A&M
6 Georgia (2) Michigan State Georgia
7 Michigan State Ohio State Stanford
8 Ohio State Georgia (1) Baylor
9 Texas A&M (2) Baylor Auburn
10 Baylor Stanford Michigan State
12 LSU (1) LSU Ohio State
13 Stanford Texas A&M LSU
15 Ole Miss Notre Dame Notre Dame
16 Notre Dame Arizona State Wisconsin
17 Arizona State Ole Miss Florida
18 Wisconsin Nebraska Kansas State
19 Nebraska Wisconsin South Carolina
20 Kansas State Kansas State Clemson
21 South Carolina South Carolina Ole Miss
22 North Carolina Missouri Washington
23 Clemson North Carolina Oklahoma State
24 Missouri Clemson Texas
25 Louisville Texas Arizona State

The biggest glaring difference in the AP poll and the Coaches poll is the Texas vs. Louisville taking home the number 25 honors. Both of the polls pin Georgia in the top 10, but the AP poll favors them to be right outside of the top five. The AP poll also views the Aggies as a top 10 team, while the Coaches poll suggests otherwise.