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Three key matchups: What to watch for in Saturday's matchup against the Orangemen

Our series continues as the Terps head north to New York to take on former conference foe Syracuse.

Patrick Smith

Terrel Hunt vs. L.A. Goree

Syracuse's starting quarterback struggled week one in a narrow win over Villanova but bounced back last week against Central Michigan and accounted for four touchdowns, one through the air and three on the ground. The duel-threat quarterback is much more comfortable tucking the ball and running so if Maryland employs a quarterback spy on Hill, it will limit his options and take him out of his comfort zone. L.A. Goree has already been dominant thus far this season, so Goree spying on Hill could be the best option for Randy Edsall.

Cameron Lynch vs. Maryland Offensive Line

All eyes have to be focused on Cameron Lynch as he approaches the line come Saturday. The senior already has 23 tackles and 3.5 sacks in just two games this season. Even though Villanova and Central Michigan don't lay claim to the most powerful offensive lineman, Maryland will still have their hands full thwarting Lynch. Against West Virginia, the running backs only pushed their way for a combined two yards.

C.J. Brown vs. Caleb Rowe

This seems like a cop-out matchup but with Edsall coming out yesterday saying he's "comfortable" playing Caleb Rowe, Brown has all the pressure. Terrapin fans haven't seen much of Rowe this season, but in three pass attempts he drove 43 yards and tacked on a touchdown throw to Jacquille Veii. Brown has been and still is the front runner but the job is his to lose and his productivity in this game could be the tell-tale sign for who Edsall trusts the rest of the season.