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Maryland-West Virginia final score: 40-37

After trailing 28-6, the Terps came storming back to tie the game at 37 late in the game. Unfortunately,they would fall to the Mountaineers 40-37 on a game-winning field goal.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Starting off the game, the Maryland Terrapins came in with a lot of emotion, playing their rivals of West Virginia in a rainy afternoon in College Park.

The Mountaineers got the ball to start the game, and they made quick work of the Terrapins defense, going down the field in a breeze to score the opening touchdown of the afternoon. Senior quarterback Clint Trickett was efficient on the drive, leading the Mountaineers down inside the ten to set up a one yard rushing touchdown for Rushel Shell.

The onslaught wouldn't stop there, however, as Trickett would again make quick work of the following drive, culminating in a 43-yard touchdown pass to his speedy receiver Mario Alford. The Terps finally got on the board with a 46-yard field goal from brad Craddock after a 49-yard drive from the offense.

The defense seemed on its heels for the greater portion of the first half, giving up long passes on screens and multiple fourth down conversions.

Following the field goal for Maryland, Trickett would go to work again, hitting Kevin White on a screen pass for 44 yards, and yet another touchdown. The West Virginia passing game is predicated on short screens turning into big plays, and they did just that in the first half. The Terps would follow that up with another field goal from Craddock before seeing Alvin Hill get beat my Mario Alford deep down the sideline for another touchdown.

The game seemed to be all Mountaineers until Cj Brown was able to hit Stefon Diggs open down the middle of the field to score the Terps first touchdown of the afternoon. Following a stop by the defense, the Terps were put in great position to close out the half, seeing Caleb Rowe hit Jacquille Veii in the back of the end zone to close the gap to eight.

Heading into the half, the Terps trailed 28-20, but started off the second half with a bang. After leaving the game near the end of the first half, CJ Brown returned to the game and took a run for 75 yards and a touchdown, closing the gap to 28-27.

Driving the ball down the field in the third quarter, the Mountaineers faced a fourth and one inside the 20 yard line threatening to score. Andre Monroe blew up the play, sacking Trickett to get the ball back for the offense. However, the offense would go three-and-out, forcing a punt. The punt would be blocked, scoring a safety and giving the ball back to the Mountaineers potent offense.

Following the great field position, Trickett led his offense down the field again, this time, resulting in a touchdown to Daikiel Shorts in the back of the end zone. Through three quarters, Trickett had already eclipsed 400 yards passing, and three touchdowns.

The ensuing Terps possession started off promising, but would stall after an offensive pass interference call on Deon Long would set the Terps back. West Virginia would take over again, and it wouldn't take long for them to move into Maryland territory.

However, Maryland would stuff the Mountaineers as they went for it on fourth down again, getting the ball at their own 35-yardline. The Terps would get stuffed, but a muffed punt return by the Mountaineers would give the Terps the ball back in great field position.

After being set up with the ball within the ten yard line, the Terps would run three consecutive run plays and get stuffed each time, resulting in a field goal to tighten the game 37-30.

Maryland would get the stop they needed, and Will Likely would do the rest, returning the ensuing punt for a touchdown to knot the game at 37. The Terps would outscore the Mountaineers 31-9 since being down 28-6 in the second quarter with a complete turnaround from the team.

After a few possessions in which each team failed to score, the Mountaineers got into field goal range, but failed to score on a blocked field goal by Maryland. Towards the end of the game, the Mountaineers got a drive going down the field after a third down conversion early in the drive with just over a minute left.

With a field goal to win the game with four seconds left, Mountaineers kicker Josh Lambert lined up to attempt his try. Lambert would connect on the field goal to win the game as the Terps saw their comeback effort fall short.

The Mountaineers would finish with over 600 yards in total offense, showing how potent they are given the time. Maryland would finish with 447 yards in total offense, lacking the plays necessary to win the game in the end.