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Profiles in Terpage: Levern Jacobs

Our series continues with a receiver who showed what he can do when given the playing time necessary to showcase his abilities.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Levern Jacobs, Junior, Wide Receiver, #8


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180

Twitter: None we could find.

Collegiate Stats: 54 receptions for 690 yards and three touchdowns

High School Stats (Senior Year): 40 receptions, eight touchdowns

247sports composite Ratings: Three stars, 5th-best prep wide receiver, 6th-best prep player in New York

Who Maryland beat: Marshall

High School: Suitland

Hometown: Temple Hills, Md

High School Highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Levern Jacobs is known for his speed (as is his brother). At Suitland, Jacobs flashed his ability to make plays and take the ball up the field to score touchdowns. Jacobs was lightly recruited coming out of Suitland and went to Prep School at Milford Academy in New York (the same as LeSean "Shady McCoy).

Profiling the entire team

Jacobs finally got his shot in 2013 as a sophomore when star receivers Stefon Diggs and Deon Long went down with season-ending injuries against Wake Forest, and Jacobs never looked back. Jacobs would notch a team-high 47 receptions for 640 yards and three touchdowns, helping stabilize the passing game.


"Big Lightning"

Career Highlight:

In the first series against Clemson, Jacobs took a short pass from Caleb Rowe to the house, getting the Terps on the board early. Another highlight for him was the impact he made on the offense in the absence of their star receivers.

Dream Season:

Even though he is likely the number four receiver on the depth chart, Jacobs comes in and continues to make plays alongside Diggs, Long, and Marcus Leak.

2014 Prospectus:

Jacobs is talented; there is no denying that anymore. A lot of what Jacobs flashed last season reminded some of what Stefon Diggs does. The reality of the situation is Jacobs will not see much action is base sets, but when the team needs to go to four wide receivers, he will have his number called. In the event of another injury, Jacobs can be counted on to step in and provide relief and continue to make plays happen.

If you are looking for Jacobs to have another breakout season, the chances of that happening are slim. 2015 is the year to look for Jacobs, where he will likely be playing alongside his brother, Taivon.

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