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Maryland press conference notes: Randy Edsall 'couldn't be more proud' of C.J. Brown

Takeaways from the Edsall's post game press conference after the big win.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

With all the glory that came with the 52-7 route of James Madison, there were questions of consistency from sixth-year quarterback C.J. Brown in the season-opener. Brown completed 11 of 24 passes for just 111 yards for an average of 4.6 yards per drop back. Head coach Randy Edsall answered questions concerning the senior's play after the game, with quotes available through a press release.

"I really thought C.J. did a lot of really good things out there. You take a look at some of the runs he had out there and how he got in the end zone, I couldn’t be more proud of him," Edsall said. "I liked how he conducted himself and handled himself today. He might have not lived up to his or our expectations in terms of completion percentage, but that’s something we can work on. He’s a competitor and warrior, and goes out there and lays it on the line."

Brown did not agree.

Despite putting up 52 points, Edsall seemed to be particularly enthusiastic about the defense's efforts. As a whole, Maryland forced three turnovers including two interceptions and held the Dukes to 16 first downs.

"If you look at the numbers on possession down, we were really good. When you can get off the field on third down, that makes life a lot easier. It was a combination of guys putting pressure on the quarterback and the guys in coverage. To hold James Madison to what we did, is tremendous credit to our players and how hard they played...anytime you can get that first turnover, is good. Our defense played well."

Edsall also mentioned he was impressed with the progressions and examples set by senior linebackers Alex Twine and L.A. Goree.

"I am pleased with him (Twine) and L.A. [Goree]. That is the good thing, when you have guys who have been around the program and who have the experience and knowledge, we expect them to go in and play the way that Alex did today and I thought L.A. [Goree] just had a great game. That is the great thing for me as a coach and that we are able to take guys like L.A. [Goree] and Sean Davis and say to our team it is no wonder L.A. [Goree] played the way that he did or it is no wonder that Sean [Davis] played the way he did because of how they have prepared."