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Testudo Times podcast: football season preview

The big day is almost upon us, friends! Let us rejoice as we preview the upcoming football season!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The long wait is finally over; football season is here! We break down the depth chart, talk a little basketball, and then get right into Saturday's home opener against JMU. We also break down Maryland's football and basketball schedules, give some season predictions, touch briefly on the new college football playoff, and answer your questions!

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Here is the breakdown of this week's show:

0:00-1:00 - Football season is finally here!

1:30 - brief depth chart discussion

2:50 - basketball recruiting

10:20 - Maryland's basketball schedule

21:30 - Discussing James Madison

25:50 - Predictions for JMU (score and MVP)

28:00 - Breaking down Maryland's football schedule

39:50 - Football season predictions

47:30 - Football depth chart breakdown

48:30 - College Football Final Four predictions

50:00 - Questions!

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