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Profiles in Terpage: Carlotta Oggioni

An up close and personal look at one of volleyball's newest Terrapins, Oregon State transfer Carlotta Oggioni.


Carlotta Oggioni, Sophomore, setter, #9



Height: 5'10"

Twitter: @tottab8

Collegiate Stats: Assists: 63 Digs: 12

High School: N/A

Club: Riso Scotti

Hometown: Rome, Italy

How'd She Get to College Park?

After spending her freshman year at Oregon State, where she appeared in 12 matches, the sophomore elected to transfer to Maryland.



Career Highlight:

Transferring to Maryland.

Dream Season:

Oggioni reaches her full potential as a setter elevating the games of Maryland’s hitters and has the first of three seasons that earn her three spots on Maryland’s single season top ten in assists.

2014 Prospectus:

Like many European transplants, Oggioni struggled with language issues as a freshman at Oregon State which hampered her playing time. As the daughter of two professional volleyball players, Carlotta comes to Maryland with a very high volleyball IQ.  A natural setter, Oggioni will need to take charge of the team quickly if the Terps are going to be competitive in the B1G.

Ten Questions:

1) Other than teammates and coaches the best thing about being at Maryland is: Being close to a big city is really cool.

2) The workout or drill I love to do is: Scrimmages.

3) My favorite pregame meal is: A salad, a little pasta, and some chicken.

4) My pregame ritual or superstition is: I put on every piece of equipment and my uniform exactly the same way.

5) The best or most meaningful on field moment I've ever had is: Winning the national championship with my club in Italy.

6) The best or most meaningful off field moment I've ever had is: Getting a really good score on the TOEFL (that's Test of English as a Foreign Language for the uninitiated) that brought me to Maryland.

7) Dog, Cat, or other: Dog

8) If not volleyball, then: Soccer

9) I plan to go to as many Maryland football and basketball games as I can.

10) If people know only one thing about me, I'd like it to be: That I'm a smart person.