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Where all of Randy Edsall's recruits are coming from in maps

There is no surprise the highest concentration of recruits come from the DMV, but what does the geographical concentration look like?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Over his five years of recruiting at Maryland, Randy Edsall has attracted 97 players to suit up for the Terps. Edsall has crossed the state boundaries and has picked up commits in 19 different states, including the nation's capital. 30 of the 97 recruits have come from the state of Maryland, while the Terps have created pipelines in most notably Pennsylvania (12), Virginia (8) and Florida (8).

This map pinpoints where every athlete played football at last. For example, although Deon Long played high school football at Dunbar in Washington DC, he was recruited while he was at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

With so much talent right in Maryland's backyard, Edsall's center of recruiting understandably stems from the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region. The maps include the class of 2015, which features the pair of Texas recruits in Mbi Tanyi and Jameel Cook.

This next map further emphasizes where the recruits are coming from. The heatmap with radiuses was made possible by Google Fushion.


Note: We credited Edsall with the 2011 class, because he was head coach during National Signing Day.