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Printable Maryland football schedule 2014

Get a downloadable/printable 2014 Maryland football schedule and put it EVERYWHERE.

Football is right around the corner. Not in the "just a month and a half away" kind of right around the corner, but the "football is next week" kind. Maryland takes on James Madison in just days, and we at Testudo Times wanted to make sure our readers were prepared for the Terps' inaugural Big Ten campaign.

You know that one fan of an ACC school in your office that just won't stop bugging you about the conference move? The one who kept making those tired buyout fee jokes at every single opportunity? We're here to help.

Step 1) Print 50 copies of this schedule out.

Step 2) Get some tape.

Step 3) Find the offender's desk.

Step 4) Apply judiciously.

Click on the image below and hit File->Print (or File->Save and print from a PDF reader).


Big props to Dave for throwing this together. Let us know which game you're most excited for in the comments.