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Predicting trophies for Maryland's rivalry games with Penn State and Rutgers

Delaware. The winner gets Delaware.

Deep, deep in a well-written Alex Prewitt article in the Washington Post last month regarding potential rivalries, one passage caught our eye in the Testudo Times Newsroom (a place that definitely exists and has foosball, cornhole and the Budweiser Magic Fridge):

In the Big Ten, Maryland will join a conference that loves tradition - and trophies. Twelve football matchups award hardware, such as the Old Oaken Bucket (Indiana-Purdue), Paul Bunyan's Axe (Minnesota-Wisconsin) and a wooden turtle called the Illibuck (Illinois-Ohio State). The Terps have already entered conversations with Rutgers and Penn State to create new trophies, several athletic department officials said.


At least that's how I read it.

Now, we know Randy Edsall is a busy man, dougie-ing and whatnot, so we figured we'd help.

[Thank you dear friend of Testudo Times TMagTerp for the graphics.]


  • The Ole' Dead Horse (representing all of the worn-out, terrible #jokez about them joining the conference)
  • Dead_horse_medium
  • The Old Oaken Television Set
  • Delaware
  • The Rusty Victory Nielson Box
  • Friedgen's Golf Cart (it's not a trophy, he genuinely wants it back but Kevin Anderson won't return his calls)
  • The Golden E-ZPass
  • The Old Third Wheel
  • The Delaney-in-Chief Trophy

Maryland-Penn State:

  • The Mason-Dixon Trophy (this is a genuine suggestion)
  • The Animorphs Cup (still don't know what the hell this was, James)
  • The Antonio Logan-El Bust

Come one, come all and give your suggestions in the comments.