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Maryland Minute - 7.4.14 - Independence Day Edition

A happy and B1G Fourth of July to all in Terp-land.

Rob Carr

Mark Turgeon: 'I've never felt better about my program' | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
CSN's Daniel Martin sat down with Turgeon to talk about the state of the program. Not much new but it's interesting to actually hear him say it rather than reading quotes.

Terps Move Into Top Four for High Scoring Guard

Maryland's become a top contender for former UCONN commit and 2015 4-star, top 40 overall guard Prince Ali. Highlights are below.

Seems like an impressive guy. If you want to want him play basketball, here are some more.

Photo by marylandpride
If you missed it yesterday, Randy Edsall instagramed (a phrase that sounds as weird typing as it does is your head) a pretty nice picture of Byrd Stadium lookin'...well the same as always but with a new conference logo on the screen. Look! It's really here now!

That's about it! Happy Holiday! Here are fireworks in reverse. Have a good fourth, all.