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Big Ten Maryland Day Schedule

The Big Ten network will be featuring a full day of programming featuring the Maryland sports teams as they enter the Big Ten. Here is a full breakdown of the day as the Big Ten shows Maryland some love.

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The Big Ten Network is featuring an entire day dedicated to Maryland athletics, something that may come as a surprise to many. There is a lengthy schedule of programming to help welcome the Maryland Terrapins to their new conference, and as followed is a detailed schedule of the programs.

6am: Maryland Basketball Classic: 2002 NCAA championship game vs,. Indiana 4/1/2002

7:45am: B1G Football media day: Maryland football: Randy Edsall

8am: Maryland Basketball Classic: 2003 vs. Florida

10am: The Big Ten welcomes Maryland

11am: Maryland Football Classic: 1984 Maryland at Miami

1pm: Maryland Basketball Classic: 1986 Maryland at North Carolina

2:45pm: B1G football media day: Maryland football: Randy Edsall

3pm: The Big Ten Welcomes Maryland

4pm: Maryland Football Classic: 2010 North Carolina State at Maryland

6pm: Maryland Basketball Classic: 1984 ACC Championship game-Maryland vs. Duke

7:45pm: B1G Football media day

8pm: Maryland Basketball Classic: 2002 NCAA Championship Game-Maryland vs. Indiana

9:45pm: B1G Football media day: Maryland football: Randy Edsall

10pm: The Big Ten welcomes Maryland

11pm: Maryland Football Classic: 1984 Maryland vs. Miami

Here are a few of the programs of interest:

1. National Championship game against Indiana.

No matter how old you were when this championship occurred, this is a fun way to re-live an exciting time in Maryland basketball history. From Juan Dixon to Lonny Baxter, this team was loaded with talent that out-matched everyone in their way en route to their first National Championship with Gary Williams at the helm.

The younger generation gets to gain more appreciation for what they had the chance to witness while others get to re-live a fun and exciting moment. Even though the past few years of Maryland basketball has been rough, to say the least, this is a chance to break away from that for a moment to remember the good times while the current team has a lot of promise.

2. Maryland football classic vs. NC State

Everyone loves to see the success former Terps have at the professional ranks. Torrey Smith is an emerging Wide Receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, and his show-out game came against NC State in 2010 with Danny O'Brien throwing him the ball. The two paced an electric offense for the Terps with O'Brien throwing four touchdown passes to Smith that game. Smith would have 14 receptions that game as well.

3. Maryland Basketball Classic: 1986 vs. North Carolina

There truly is no better way to say goodbye to the Carolina Bias than by watching Len Bias torch the Tar Heels for 35 points en route to a Maryland victory. Later in the day the network will also air the ACC championship game against Duke where Bias was named Tournament MVP.


-There are a lot of times where the Randy Edsall press conference from media day will be shown. Whether you find that annoying or informative, you will have a multitude of opportunities to tune in to see what the coach has to say.

- The championship game against Indiana and the comeback against Miami from Frank Reich and the 1984 football team will be re-aired later in the day for those who cannot tune-in early in the day.

Welcome to the Big Ten, Maryland!