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Big Ten football odds 2014: Ohio State the favorites, Maryland at 100/1 odds to win the conference

It's 50/1 for the division.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Odds for the Big Ten football season are finally out, via Bovada. Ohio State is unsurprisingly the favorite, with reigning conference champion Michigan State right behind.

Maryland is tied with Indiana for ninth at 100/1, behind Northwestern and Minnesota, among others. Seems like a pretty solid $20 wager, if that's your kind of thing.

Ohio State                                10/11

Michigan State                          15/4

Wisconsin                      9/2

Nebraska                       11/2

Michigan                       9/1

Iowa                                         14/1

Northwestern                             40/1

Minnesota                      66/1

Indiana                                      100/1

Maryland                       100/1

Illinois                                       200/1

Rutgers                        200/1

Purdue                                      300/1

In the divisional odds, Maryland is behind Indiana, at 50/1. This seems like a less sound bet, as winning the division would appear to be a much harder task the winning the conference title game, considering the strength of the East.

Odds to win the Big Ten East Division             

Ohio State                                2/5

Michigan State                          13/5

Michigan                       5/1

Indiana                                      33/1

Maryland                       50/1

Rutgers                        100/1

Odds to win the Big Ten West Division          

Wisconsin                      6/5

Nebraska                       3/2

Iowa                                         5/1

Minnesota                      12/1

Northwestern                             18/1

Illinois                                       33/1

Purdue                                      100/1

Maryland notably plays two of the top three teams in the West this season as their inter-divisional games, with Wisconsin and Iowa in back-to-back weeks.