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Stefon Diggs: Season-ending injury was a 'lesson learned'

The Terrapin star spoke about his recovery at Big Ten Media Days.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland's ability to succeed in their first Big Ten season may hinge on the health of one limb: Stefon Diggs's right leg.

Diggs and fellow blue-chip wide receiver Deon Long both suffered season-ending injuries in the Terrapins' disappointing loss to Wake Forest last season, leaving Maryland fans eager to see their star receivers back in action next month against James Madison.

Friend of TT Kevin Trahan, who runs SB Nation Northwestern hub Inside NU, is at Big Ten Media Days and managed to talk with Diggs about his injury (a spiral fracture in his right ankle) and his recovery ahead of the new season.

"I took it in stride, I rehabbed," he said. "I did everything I needed to do to get back to where I was."

Diggs was asked whether he was 100% yet, and echoed what he's been saying throughout the event: he's already past that, and is raring to go this season.

"Yeah, I'm 110%," he said. "[I was ready] probably like in the middle of the summer, to be honest with you. That's when I really felt the most comfortable. I'm ready for camp, I'm ready for camp as of right now. It took a while, but I mean, with hard work, i just put in the work and just try to make every day a work day and I feel like I'm ready now."

After such a freak injury, it would be easy for a player to bemoan the bad luck of the situation. Diggs sees it as a growing experience, however, and says he's ready to move forward.

"I wouldn't say 'why me?' because I think everything happens for a reason," he said. "I think it was a lesson learned, I needed to cherish the game more, I needed to love the game more and it happened for a reason. Now that it has, I just take everything in stride and try to make everything a work day."

Without Diggs and Long, Maryland's offense saw dramatic drop-offs in yards per catch (15.6 to 12.6) and completion percentage (60.4% to 50.5%)