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Maryland Minute 7.23.14 - New Terp Majette to surprise, says coach

Only 38 days till kickoff!

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

New Terps commit Mike Majette better than ranking suggests, coach says -
"Mike has the tools to progress at the collegiate level and the ability to one day play on Sunday," his high school head coach Karibi Dede told Matt Zenitz during a telephone interview. "He is a competitor. He works hard every day. … He’s also very well-mannered. He’s the kind of kid you want around a program." [Pete]

Must read. Hilarious. Every ACC school as a planet in the solar system. [Dave]

Top Ten Terps From BCS Era in NFL - College Football Roundtable
Over at CFB Roundtable, Ryan Garland ranks the top ten Maryland players from the BCS era in the NFL. You probably won't be shocked by who number one is, but it's worth a look. [Pete]

UA CEO Kevin Plank Sits Down With ESPN For InFocus
The 3 minute history of Under Armour

Just How Deep Is Maryland’s Receiver Group?

So deep that former 4 star recruit (and former Ohio State commit) Taivon Jacobs might be 6th or 7th on the depth chart at wide receiver.  I pity defensive coordinators who have to come up with a scheme to stop this group.

Edsall should change his title from Head Coach to CEO.

And here, check this out: