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Maryland football adds All-American wrestler Spencer Myers to defensive line

For the second straight season, Maryland has picked up some depth from the wrestling program.

Rob Carr

Maryland has crossed athletic department lines to try and add some needed depth to its defensive line corps. According to multiple media outlets on Wednesday, Maryland senior heavyweight wrestler Spencer Myers has accepted an offer to join the 2014 Terps football team. This is the second straight year in which Randy Edsall has added a player from the wrestling team -- fullback Carl Buchholz joined the team last season.

In this Washington Post report, Myers is specifically quoted as saying that he's accepted a scholarship to play on the football team. The scholarship part is particularly interesting, as Maryland is already one over the limit, by Testudo Times calculations. It'll be interesting to find out where this particular scholarship comes from, seeing how Myers is already a successful member of another Maryland program.

As a wrestler, Myers has been a star for the Terps, winning ACC heavyweight titles in both 2011 and 2012. 

Myers' football resume isn't bad either. He was part of a state championship team at Selinsgrove, Pa., as a senior in 2010 and was named the state's defensive player of the year while also going 44-0 in wrestling and winning a state title. 

It's hard to predict how Myers might fit in, if at all, after four years away from the gridiron, but with his wrestling resume you can probably be sure that he's strong, he's tough, he's balanced, he's agile and he's disciplined -- all good qualities in a lineman. Myers wrestles in the 285-pound class, so his size should be adequate, too. We'll keep you updated as we find out more about the late addition.