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Testudo Times Podcast 7.18: Guessing Maryland's first Big Ten title, Len Bias's Hall of Fame selection and more

It's time to listen to us talk a lot.

"Three. Three years."
"Three. Three years."
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome welcome WELCOME to the first-ever Testudo Times Podcast. This has been something Dave, Andrew and I have been kicking around as an idea for some time, and we were finally able to sit down last night and hammer out the first episode. We talked about a lot of things, and drank Old Bay flavored beer while we did it.


  • 0:00 INTROS (you can thank Andrew for the lead-in)
  • 1:20 Big Ten talk
  • 10:58 HOT SEAT: When will Maryland win their first Big Ten basketball title? Football? What will Maryland's first Big Ten title be?
  • 19:30 Jake Layman's hand injury
  • 23:26 Basketball recruiting: point guards and other targets both discussed
  • 38:00 Maryland's "new" "Spurs-like" offense. We're a bit dubious.
  • 44:14 State of the football program
  • 55:00 Ralph Friedgen Rutgers interview
  • 59:24 Listener questions (including Len Bias HOF discussion) and outro!

It will be on iTunes in a few days: we're just waiting for approval from SoundCloud. In the mean time, listen to it right here!