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Maryland Minute - 7.18.14 - Friedgen be at Rutgers

Friday links!

Joe Murphy

Ralph Friedgen Q&A: ‘I enjoyed myself’ the last three years « Big Ten Network
Q: At one time, James Franklin was the offensive coordinator on your staff at Maryland and the head-coach-in-waiting. Do you have a relationship with him? A: Not that much, no.

Q&A: Pete Volk of Testudo Times on New OL Coach Tom Brattan - The Champaign Room
I spoke with SB Nation's Illinois blog about their newest hire. I did not have great things to say. [Pete]

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings: Big Ten's Top 5
Fansided's Hoops Habit has an early pre-season B1G top 5 and not only are the Terps represented, they are...second. As in one spot behind heavy favorite Wisconsin. Now, you'll notice that the Maryland blurb is wrought with inaccuracies (two years since the last NCAA tournament appearance? We wish), and marks Nick Faust, not Seth Allen, as the transfer that'll hurt the most. But, whatever, it's still nice to see Maryland that high.

Why Maryland was right to put Len Bias in its Hall of Fame - The Washington Post
A response to John Feinstein's column on the former Terps star. Perfectly articulates how I feel about this. -Dave Year After Bias' Death, Some Unlearned Lessons
Great piece by Mike Wilbon from 1987. You should read it.

Big Ten Basketball Podcast: BTP Welcomes Maryland To The Big Ten - BT Powerhouse
Listen to a breakdown of new Big Ten member Maryland with our own Andrew Emmer.

Inside NU, a Northwestern Wildcats community
SB Nation's new Northwestern site, Inside NU, has finally made the full transition over to the network. Go say hi!

Journey to the headwaters and a very winding road | From Todd's Mind
Todd's latest installment on the road.