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Profiles in Terpage: Silvano Altamirano

The JuCo transfer has a chance to provide some stability on an offensive line that finds itself in flux.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Silvano Altamirano, Junior, Offensive Guard, No. 68


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 295

Twitter: @VanoAltamirano

Collegiate Stats: Three games played

High School Stats (Senior Year): N/A

247sports composite Ratings: Three stars, 23rd-best JuCo offensive tackle, 81st-best JuCo player in California

Who Maryland beat: Washington State, SMU, New Mexico

High School: Mt. Carmel (by way of San Diego Mesa College)

Hometown: San Diego, Calif.


Hudl's acting up right now, but you can watch here..

How'd He Get to College Park?

In high school, Altamirano was named first team All-Valley in his last two years, and went to San Diego Mesa College, where he spent two years playing tackle. After his last year there, he was named to first-team All-Southern California Football Association, and received offers from UConn, Maryland, New Mexico, SMU and Washington State, visiting the latter two and Maryland.

Three days after his December visit to College Park, he became one of the Terps’ early 2014 commits. Some of you may remember this great included in last year’s PiT where Altamirano talks about why he came across the country and how he saw himself fitting in at College Park. It’s worth a second read if you do and more than worth reading it if you missed it the first time around.

Altamirano played against Old Dominion, West Virginia and Florida State last season, and is expected to compete for playing time this year.


"The Cave"

Career Highlight:

Playing in the Terps' shutout win over West Virginia.

Dream Season:

Moving into the starting job.

2014 Prospectus:

Altamirano is listed as a co-starter at left guard, battling with converted center Evan Mulrooney for the coveted spot. The JuCo transfer's strength is primarily in run blocking. However, with Maryland's front five engaging in the Chesapeake version of a line dance, Altimirano should have the opportunity to see plenty of playing time this year.

It looks as though the Terps' offensive line will likely be anchored by freshman studs Derwin Gray and Damian Prince at the tackles, Maryland will need to find a blend of experience in the center of the line to help the youngsters out. In nothing else, Altamirano gives Maryland some semblance of depth - something the Terrapins may sorely need as they try to navigate the aches and pains they will need as they run the gauntlet of B1G defensive lines.

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