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Maryland football recruiting: Who have the Terps beaten in the Class of 2015?

With Maryland's recent storm of commits, we analyze the teams Maryland beat in the ongoing recruiting war.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

So in mid-May, as Maryland football's future faced the barrel of a gun with only E.J. Donahue pledging to be a Terp from the Class of 2015, I wrote an article on what teams Maryland had lost to in recruiting battles. 15 commits later and Randy Edsall and company have completely flipped the script, pushing Maryland from a 79 to 27 recruiting ranking in just eight short weeks. Now, with the blessings from the recruiting gods, we analyze who Maryland beat out for the players in their recruiting class.

A total of 77 schools have offered scholarships to players that have committed to Maryland. As you can imagine, a table with 77 schools would be a tad bit overwhelming so we wanted to compact the list of schools to those that offered two or more Maryland commits scholarships. For example, James Madison offered both Gus Little and Will McClain scholarships, so they made the table.

Number of Maryland commits they offered
Class Ranking
Temple 7 85
Old Dominion 6 59
Rutgers 6 43
Toledo 4 92
Marshall 4 71
Connecticut 3 87
Indiana 3 48
Pittsburgh 3 47
Syracuse 3 32
Virginia 3 53
Wake Forest 3 39
West Virginia 3 23
Air Force 2 118
Boston College 2 20
Buffalo 2 115
Cincinnati 2 38
Duke 2 21
Georgia Tech 2 32
Illinois 2 37
James Madison 2 N/A
Louisiana Tech 2 57
Western Michigan 2 52
Wisconsin 2 24

The appearance of Temple and Old Dominion at the top of the table may be concerning, but it makes sense. Both are small conference schools in Maryland's recruiting area who have made big efforts to make some recruiting noise, so they will have likely offered both the higher- and lower-rated commits in the class. Potential rival Rutgers is right up there as well

Let's break down the Big Ten and teams that Maryland did (or didn't) beat out.

Number of Maryland commits they offered
Class Ranking (B1G Ranking)
Illinois 2 37(8)
Indiana 3 48(12)
Iowa 1 40(9)
Michigan 0 35(7)
Michigan State 1 44(11)
Minnesota 1 84(14)
Nebraska 1 31(6)
Northwestern 1 19(3)
Ohio State 0 14(2)
Penn State 1 4(1)
Purdue 1 58(13)
Rutgers 6 43(10)
Wisconsin 2 24(4)

Three star recruit Kareem Ali was the most contested recruit Maryland has managed to reel in thus far. He attracted 23 schools including offers from Florida, Penn State (although the Nittany Lions reportedly backed off after James Franklin's hiring) and Michigan State, among others. If Maryland is able to receive a commitment from a high-profile local product like Quarvez Boulware (offered by 17 teams), Isaiah Prince (offered by 21 teams) or Kai Locksley (offered by 22 teams), then the two tables above would only grow and grow.