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Goodbye, ACC...Hello, B1G

The move is now official.

*steps up to mic, clears throat*

Goodbye, ESPN3

Goodbye, Carolina Bias

Goodbye, Karl Hess

Goodbye, ACC "Network"

Goodbye, Greensboro

Goodbye, Coach K

Goodbye, Cameron Crazies

Goodbye, Debbie Yow

Goodbye, ACC


Hello, Big Ten Network

Hello, fat stacks of cash

Hello, football conference

Hello, Penn State

Hello, monstrous stadiums

Hello, old friends

Hello, new rivalries

Hello, conference tournaments

Hello, Big Ten


From Dave:

*starts humming intro to Sesame Street*

Sunny days, chasing the ACC away,

on our way to where everything is B1G,

can you tell me how to forget, how to forget Carolina everything?


So hey, Maryland's in the Big Ten now. It's on the BTN website and everything. We did it. We actually did it.

We'll have continued coverage over the next few days on the move -- folks to know, rivalries and more. For now, make sure to take a look back at our Know Your B1G Foe series, in which we profiled every one of Maryland's new conference opponents.

Now, let's get football season started again. Maryland's got a Stefon Diggs they'd like to introduce all of you to.