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Build a Maryland basketball all-time team with $15

25 Maryland greats, $15 to spend, and a starting five to fill.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

For a moment, let's take a break from Maryland's thrilling baseball postseason run to look back on basketball.

A meme has made its way around the Internet recently in which readers are given a small budget to construct a historical starting lineup of subjectively valued all-time greats. Since Maryland shouldn't miss out on this fun, we've constructed a value table of 25 of the best players in Terrapins basketball history, each with an assigned value of $5 to $1, and sorted by position.

The challenge: Construct an all-time Maryland basketball starting five with $15 to spend, taking exactly one player from each position. Select a head coach, who will not be subject to the salary cap.

Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
$5 John Lucas Juan Dixon Walt Williams Len Bias Joe Smith
$4 Greivis Vasquez Ernie Graham Albert King Keith Booth Tom McMillen
$3 Steve Blake Johnny Rhodes Adrian Branch Len Elmore Buck Williams
$2 Keith Gatlin Steve Francis Steve Sheppard Jordan Williams Lonny Baxter
$1 Brad Davis Dez Wells Terrence Morris Chris Wilcox Alex Len

My team, coached by Gary Williams: Blake ($3), Dixon ($5), Morris ($1), Bias ($5), and Len ($1). I wanted two things more than anything else: a re-creation of the championship-winning backcourt, and Bias. This obviously creates weaknesses at the three and five spots, but Morris and Len make decent complements to the decorated guards and dominant Bias. Take a stab at your own squad.

Again, these valuations are entirely subjective, and we've made an effort to include some recent players whose styles of play might reflect best in modern collegiate competition.

Good luck!