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ACC Player Haterz Ball: Virginia

It's time to say good-bye to Maryland's Mexico once and for all. Will you miss the so-called "Wahoos"? We won't either. But one thing we won't miss is the opportunity to give them their turn in the Player Haterz Ballroom.


Player we couldn't help but like:

Todd: I'm going to say Ellie Buckley who played on the UVA field hockey team only because it gives me a chance to write about her sister Jemma who played for the Terps and scored the game tying goal on a penalty corner with no time left on the clock in the 2011 national championship game.

Pete: D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Beyond just the name, the dude was an absolute powerhouse off the edge, and so happened to be a star just as I started to get really interested in college football.

Grant: Tiki Barber is just someone you can't help but like. He was as consistent as it gets, and I admire him for that. Even as a Skins fan, I was a little upset when he ditched the pads for the broadcast booth relatively early on in his career.

FlaTerp: Bryant Stith was pretty good and not very UVA-like. He was a smooth and dangerous player on pretty good Cavalier teams back in my day.

Dave: I'll go recent and say Joe Harris. He's good and definitely did a lot less so UVA could succeed more as a team. Plus he was one of those increasingly rare four year players who just got better year after year.

Player we loved to hate:

Todd: I believe anyone who chooses UVA earns a spot in this category so:

I apologize for my oversight to anyone on a UVA team whose all time roster isn't copied here. Never mind. You went to UVA. I have no need to apologize.

Pete: Todd kind of takes the cake here, but I'll go with Matt Schaub, just due to his general Matt Schauby-ness.

Grant: It's obviously Justin Anderson. Not because he's good, but because he betrayed us. It was awesome booing him every time he touched the ball; he wasn't welcomed here anyway.

FlaTerp: You stole my thunder Grant. I was going with that middling reserve Anderson, too, but there's no way he's worthy of two votes, so I'll go with Ralph Sampson (Admit it, Todd, you had to have at least considered Sampson, right?) who was a wiry 7-4 guy with all the talent in the world but his favorite of all those talents was his talent for throwing his bony elbows around. He was a pretty good NBA player who should've been a star but really wasn't. He was just the second fiddle to the great Hakeem Olajuwon.

Dave: I'm not going to go with a player, but rather with two things I hate about UVA . Their fans who wear ties and blazers to football games and UVA's old pep band, who wanted so badly to be like one of the Ivy League bands, but instead did horrible things like mocking West Virginians during a bowl game halftime show, resulting in them being barred from performing at UVA sporting events.

Game to remember:

Todd: I'll go to the 1996,1998 & 1999 women's lacrosse national championship games. These weren't particularly memorable or competitive but hell, Maryland beating Virginia to win a national title. I should need say no more.

Pete: November 14, 2010. Maryland 42, Virginia 23. D.J. Adams ran for three touchdowns, Danny O'Brien threw for two and the Terps absolutely ruined the Hoos' Senior Day.

Grant: In my freshman year (this past year), we beat them in football on a last second field goal and beat them in basketball in thrilling-fashion. Rushing the court against the then-fifth ranked Cavs was pretty sweet, even though it smelt like eggs and was about 200 degrees at center court.

FlaTerp: In 1990 Joe Krivak had pretty thoroughly used up all the patience Maryland's fan base had with him, and he took a pretty mediocre Maryland team to Charlottesville, where the Cavs had spent much of the season at #1 but still were in the top-10. Scott Zolak led a great second half that led to a 35-30 upset. It gave the Terps bowl eligibility, and boy did they make that count with their dramatic and thrilling postseason trip to ... the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl in Shreveport!!! Then, In that late-December thriller of a bowl, they tied with Louisiana Tech. I really lucked out by being in College Park for the Krivak-Duffner football era. Those were some great times.

Dave: Has to be the last game in Cole in 2002, when we smoked UVA, and then this year when we beat them at Comcast.

Game to forget:

Todd: Men's lacrosse 2011 national championship game. Tillman's first season and the Terps fell two goals short of a title. Sucks!

Pete: October 12, 2013. Maryland 27, Virginia 26. It's a Maryland win, yes, but it was an absolutely dreadful game (and I wanted to break the pattern of picking Terrapin losses here). I still see Jake McGee running routes over the middle in my nightmares.

Grant: The last game this season for baseball when the Hoos sent us home. It ended the improbable run for the Terps and it was just that much worse that it came at the hands of such a big rival.

FlaTerp: One year earlier than my game to remember, Neil O'Donnell got injured in the second half and Zolak led a late comeback. The Terps scored with a minute left to cut UVA's lead to 24-23, then went for 2, missed, and lost. Also, I tried to smuggle about 4 cans of beer into Byrd Stadium and got busted at the gate when the security guy patted me down and took them away. Beers were currency at Byrd back  in those days, so those Beast Lights (or whatever they were) were a big loss -- just as big as that crappy loss to the crappy Cavs.

Dave: I agree with Grant. That loss in baseball hurt, especially since it was our last ACC game ever.

Parting Shots:

Todd: Put on just a tie and streak the lawn.

Pete: You guys won't admit it, we know, but you'll miss us the most of all.

Grant: I know this isn't original at all, but c'mon a Wahoo has absolutely nothing, NOTHING to do with Virginia or the Cavaliers. And if one of you know true fans knows the true story behind the nickname without using google, I applaud you.

FlaTerp: I went to Charlottesville a couple times and so I can tell you directions. Drive into Virginia. Keep driving into the boring-ass countryside until you can't see straight anymore, then take a left and you're there. That place is five hours from everywhere and it's not a destination of its own unless you're into standing around in sportcoats sipping whiskey or playing polo or something like that.

Dave: Can we stop with this crap about Charlottesville being a nice place? It's not. What was that? You don't believe me? Let me drop some knowledge on you. Here's College Park's crime data and here is Charlottesville's. So stop calling College Park a piece of crap and worry about your own piece of crap city.

"But Dave, the wine! THE WINE!"

I'll miss your pretty bow ties, wannabe Ivy League mentality and constantly beating you in football and basketball. And we know you'll miss us, too.