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Capital One Cup 2014 results: Maryland one of four teams to finish in Top 10 for men's and women's

Riding the strength of the non-revenue programs, Maryland is one of only four schools to finish in the top ten of both the men's and women's Capital One Cup standings.

Patrick Smith

Update: We forgot about Oregon. Sorry, Ducks!

The University of Maryland is one of only four schools to finish in the top ten in both men's and women's sports in the Capital One Cup standings released Thursday. Although the men's standings are pending the release of the final USA Today Baseball coaches poll and are not yet final the Terps appear to be assured of a spot in the top ten.

Per the Capital One Cup website:

The Capital One Cup is awarded annually to each of the best men's and women's Division I college athletics programs in the country. Points toward the Capital One Cup are earned and tracked throughout the year based on final standings of NCAA Championships and final official coaches' polls. One winning men's and one winning women's program will be crowned after the completion of the final NCAA spring championships. Capital One will award a combined $400,000 in student-athlete scholarships and the Capital One Cup trophy to the winning schools at the ESPY awards in July.

Points are awarded for top ten finishes in each sport based either on coaches polls or NCAA Championship information. In men's sports, the Terps currently stand eighth with 60 points and earned those points for the excellent seasons from the soccer and lacrosse teams. On the women's side, three Terrapins' sports - field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse - garnered 94 points putting the Terps in the fourth spot overall.

Only Florida, which won the women's cup and finished third in the men's standings, and Oregon have a higher combined men's and women's total than Maryland. UConn is the third school to finish in both the men's and women's top ten finishing sixth in both. The Terps combined total of 154 points, however, bettered Connecticut's 146 combined score.

The full results:


1. Notre Dame 98.5
2. Oregon 92
3. Florida 86
4. Florida State 68
4. USC 68
6. Connecticut 66
7. Duke 60.5
8. Maryland 60
8. North Dakota State 60
10. Michigan State 51


1. Florida 152
2. UCLA 110
3. Stanford 106
4. Maryland 94
5. Texas A&M 89
6. Connecticut 80
6. Oregon 80
6. Texas 80
9. Penn State 72
10. North Carolina 68